The first Revenge Of The Dreamers compilation tape was released in January of 2014 to celebrate Dreamville’s signing to Interscope Records and the second was released in December of 2015. We’ve known for a little while that a third mixtape was in the works because of some hashtags from Dreamville artists on Twitter but earlier tonight, Cole announced it officially in a special way.

He posted a picture of what is essentially an invitation to record in Atlanta with his name on it. The flyer says the sessions start tonight and end on the 16th, potentially for a release on the 18th. No word on if it’s true or just marketing yet. Regardless, the next week or two could be fun.

Other Dreamville artists like EarthGang, Omen, Cozz and Bas have posted their own invitations but an artist outside of the crew who also has an invitation is K Camp.